Detailed Analysis of the Hair and Makeup Industry in the USA

Detailed Analysis of the Hair and Makeup Industry in the USA

Beauty is a word largely dedicated to women and hair is considered as one of their most important attributes that are instantly noticeable. Beautiful hair is a personality trait and it adds the look of a woman. On a similar note, makeup is also an integral part of a woman’s life as it enhances her beauty by hiding her imperfections. Thus, hair and makeup go hand in hand. Studies say, a proper hairstyle makes a woman feel smarter, brightens up her day and brings more confidence in her approach compared to those with a bad hairstyle. With an appropriate hairstyle, one can look good in average clothes and therefore enough focus is given on to perfecting a hairstyle. There is no denying the fact that beauty is naturally gifted and every woman is beautiful in her own way. A proper hairstyle is encouraged for women, especially for those who are working to maintain professionalism in their look. A bad hairdo is not appreciated even if an individual wears impressive clothes. Moreover, it gives way to self-doubt and makes a woman feel under confident. For all the women out there looking good is an important criterion in life. Good hairstyle adds to the confidence of a woman. It is vital to choose a hairstyle and hair color based on the facial structure of a woman to give her the desired look. Makeup is something inherently connected with hairstyle. New studies state that when a woman wears the right makeup, it reflects in her personality, competence, the way she carries herself and most importantly it increases her appeal. Makeup artists are beauty experts who know how to promote the facial contour of a woman by applying makeup and creating a personalized look.

Hair Care Services Industry in the USA

Hair Care service The hair care service is a $ 20 billion industry in the USA. Reportedly, the hair salon industry alone generated revenue of $ 46 billion in the year 2018. The country has an estimated 82,000 beauty salons and 4000 barber shops which comes up to a total of 86,000 establishments. Population growth and demographic distribution also influence demand. Presently there are approximately more than 1 million hairstylists practicing in the country. Nearly 3500 cosmetology training schools are operating that teach hairdressing and every year 20 and 100 stylists are passing out from them. According to reports, hair coloring is the topmost service at the salons in the USA and also attracts various other services like straightening, cuts, and styles, etc. The hair salon industry is comprised of hair cutting and styling services, hair coloring, various cosmetic and skin care products and services, etc.

Employment Opportunities

The job demand for hairstylists, cosmetologists and barbers is expected to see a 13 percent growth in the year 2016 to 2026. The industry is growing fast and an increase in population will also directly impact the growth. As the per capita disposable income of the country rises, the hair salon industry will gain benefits out of that. Subsequently, there will be demand for standard hair cut treatments like hair modification, skin care services, and various others. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics has shown a 13 percent increase in hair stylist jobs taking the year 2016-2026 under consideration. The prediction is that the popularity of advanced hair treatments will fuel the growth of jobs for hair stylists. If taken into account all the hair stylists, hairdressers and cosmetologists’ salaries they earned a median annual wage of $24,730. Wages vary from state to state. Self-employment is widely noticed in hair stylist profession. Some people take it up as a part-time practice as well.

Salary Information/Wages

According to an analysis, the average national salary of a hair stylist professional is $ 42,900 in the USA. At the beginning of their career, they earn $ 21,450. They work at an hourly charge of $ 22. Those who are experienced make $ 63, 703 per annum.

Qualification to become a Hair Stylist

To become a hair stylist one should have a degree in cosmetology. After completing a high school diploma, one can join a cosmetology school to get a degree. Licensing is a requirement with most of the states. The licensing criteria also vary from states to states, right from qualifying a single time exam to continuous credit requirement. Some states ask for updation of license from time to time. Hair experts always keep themselves updated with all the latest technologies and design trends coming their way to cater to the demands of their clients. The hairstylist should possess some personal skills like a good listening capacity. Marketing skills are also helpful to grow in this business. They must be adaptive to the situations and should always ready to fulfill the demands of their clients.

Difference between Hair Beauty Salon and Beauty Parlor

The term beauty parlor refers to a small set up probably a single room business which caters to the women while a beauty salon is a large business venture that offers a range of hair specific beauty treatments like cutting, smoothening, straightening, coloring, wedding hair makeup, and microblading, etc.

Why makeup is important for a wedding?

makeup for Wedding Wedding is an important occasion in life and a woman must look her best on this day. Only a professional wedding hair and makeup artist will help to match the expectation. While some bride might believe that they can do it at home but in such situations, the result will not come out good. The professionals involved in bridal hair make up know how to treat different type of hairs thick, curly, fine, frizzy or straight to achieve the best look for a bride on such a special day. They have the requisite skills and training perfectly the look of a bride. Moreover, they use quality products that will put the hair in place the whole day. They work according to the weather condition. If it is windy the hair needs strong binding or if the weather is humid or raining then some hair care products are applied to keep the hair tidy. Brides need to look beautiful throughout the day and professional hair and makeup stylist perform a great job here. A wedding hair makes up done well will show its result in the wedding photos. The hair experts give a balanced look to the hair and keep them looking voluminous and flattering from all angles. Even they attach headpiece they will ensure it will not fall off to disrupt the setting.

Final insights

Research has shown that unemployment problem in the country for the last five years aggravated the growth of demand for consumer services and it indirectly pushed the demand for personal care services such as a salon. People started spending more on hair coloring than choosing less expensive options such as over the counter drugs and supermarkets. So the future is looking satisfactory for the hair care services in the USA.

Detailed Analysis of the Hair and Makeup Industry in the USA
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