Eyelash Flashing and Browsing

Eyelash Flashing and Browsing

They say, loves is in the eyes, the purest and the most serene feature on the human face. They never lie, or hide the true feelings. The eyes cannot be deceptive or ambiguous like words which are often used as a tool for negotiation and for debasing people. Eyelash extension is an adornment; adding to the beauty of females, and making them look more glamorous by adding to natural ones. Eyelash extension at salons is most common way of getting the eyelashes done because the self the method of eyelash extension requires precision and if not precise can really mess-up the facial make-up. The process of eyelash extension also requires eye brows tinting for adding to its beauty, and for making eyes look more dazzling. The experts articulate many fashion trends don’t last longer, they come and go but eye brows extensions have been enhancing the beauty and the overall personality since time immemorial as they add to persona, character and charisma of the personnel.

Eye brows tinting is pretty self-explanatory, which is the process of applying permanent or semi-permanent dye to shape, enhance and define the brows. The same can be done at home, saloons or specialized places dedicated to eye brows styling or enhancing. It gives the appearance of thicker and more youthful looking brows.

Eye lash extension v/s mascara

Mascara is the traditional form of eyelash extension, which is used to thicken, darken, and intensify your natural eyelashes. If you wish thick eyelashes without globing on three coats of mascara you should at consider semi-permanent eyelash extensions, a trend that has sprung up in recent times in salons. These lashes last weeks and the trend have become prevalent in certain celebrity circles and big cities among both women and girls.

With the growing interest in extensions, the process of application had become so advanced, the look is now completely customizable. During your consultation, you can explain your lash aesthetic to the technician, full, super long, natural, and so forth or he and she will help you craft your dream lash.

Different types

Presently, there are many different textures for lash extensions. One can go with a premium faux-mink fiber lash, which is flexible, durable and light weight, or silk lashes, which are made of thin fibers, extremely soft to the touch, and creating a more glamorous look than the faux-mink fiber, without causing any burden to the natural lashes.

Nowadays there are several and different textures for lash extensions. For this purpose, one must visit the salon for eyelash extensions. After finding your desired look for eyelash extension you can approach the technician at the saloon, he/she will using a teeny-tiny, tweezers like tool to precisely affix around 150-180 individual eyelashes to your eyes. They do this by gluing one false lash onto each of your own lashes at a time. The process, initially set will take up to of two hours to apply. Since your eyes are taped and mostly closed.

The pros

  • You can to walk around with the lashes you wish you were born with, no mascara or sticky lash glue required.
  • One of biggest pros of the extensions is that you never have to wear mascara ever again
  • Lashes make your eyes pop, and actually help breathe life into an otherwise tired face.
  • Long and full lashes make you confident, because Tailor-made lashes sound great, right to full fill your desire of thick lashes.

The cons

  • They’re pricey.
  • You need to replace your extensions every two to three weeks, as the extensions will shed with your natural lash cycle, and those replacements will require you to shed anore $120.
  • Cheap extensions only sound nice.
  • Even worse than destroyed lashes would be the risk of icky infection


Every women loves to look pretty, and eye lash extensions is more than an adornment to get your desired looks. Above, mentioned is a brief summary about eyelash extension.

Eyelash Flashing and Browsing

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