How to Get the Best Straightening Treatment for Your Hair

How to Get the Best Straightening Treatment for Your Hair

Hairstylists always get clients facing various problems with their hair. If you are suffering any problem of frizzy or frizzled hair, then contact with us and we will help you with the best straightening treatment for your hair that will give ultimate pleasure for sure. Most of the stylists go for the treatment suggested by the customers which is although good, but more important thing is to ensure whether the treatment will be beneficial for your hair or not. That is why we first listen to your suggestion, then examine your hair and scalp condition and then suggest you some other treatment suitable accordingly.

What is keratin treatment and how the process takes place?

A smoothing treatment is used to eliminate frizz and maintaining the shape of your hair and is applied only on external hair whereas the root or scalp will still remain the same. That is why, smoothing sometimes effects inversely to the hair, if it doesn’t suit your scalp. There comes the need for best professional Keratin treatment. Keratin is a smoothing treatment that seals the hair cuticle with a coating of protein that eliminates frizz and adds softness and shine to your hair.

Keratin treatment

Our Process for the best professional Keratin treatment

The process takes almost between 1 to 3 hours time, depending on hair type, length, and fullness. Before proceeding to the treatment, hair must be thoroughly shampooed to strip any oils and product residue. By making multiple sections, we start applying the Keratin product from root to ends while combing through to ensure whether any hair is left or not. Then we start drying the hair to about 75% and then once again, sectional application of the keratin takes place on the hair. After the thorough application of Keratin, we start to blow-dry the hair with a boar bristle round brush. Once the hair is completely dry, we create sections again and flat iron the remaining sections with 3-8 passes, depending on how smooth and straight the client wants the hair. In this way, we provide you with the best professional Keratin treatment to ensure the best-taken care of your hair.

Various Keratin treatments we apply for your best straightening treatment

Although, there are different types of application for Keratin treatment, among which we will discuss our best of 3.

1. The Cezanne

It is the most natural type of Keratin application on hair. Although its application takes a little bit longer time as its products have to leave on your hair at least for 30 min after applying and then bring the client to the shape sink to rinse out the excess product. People who have fine hair and just want to soften up frizz and natural damage, are recommended to go for such kind of treatment.

2. The Keratin Complex

If you are new to keratin treatment and unclear about how you want your hair to be, then you are suggested to go for this. The application of Keratin complex products is great for the clients who just want to eliminate frizz from the hair and have a medium wave or thick hair. This is the least strong out of the other two Keratin application.

3. Trisolla plus

Trisolla and Trisolla plus are the strongest form of Keratin treatment and thus can be considered as the best straightening treatment for your hair. If you are having thick, curly hair and want your hair to be sleek and smooth, then you should go for this once you go for the best professional Keratin treatment.

Get the best straightening treatment with Red Rose Salon Braselton. We are having professional hair stylists who are capable to suggest you with the best sort of treatment for your hair and make your hair frizz-free and easy to maintain. Along with these hair treatments, we also provide eyebrow tinting and other services, the costs of which, are easily affordable to you.

How to Get the Best Straightening Treatment for Your Hair

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