Best Professional Keratin Treatment

Repairs harm and blocks the impact of wetness to stop frizzle and can cut dry out time in 0.5. It will last up to five months reckoning on your hair. This best professional keratin hair treatment is right for shoppers with frizzy or frizzly hair seeking long smoothness and tractability. This best keratin straightening treatment is additionally out there during a fragile formula, good for over-processed or blonde hair. Clients should wait 72 hours after treatment before shampooing hair.

All You Need to Know about Keratin Straightening Treatment

In this stylized world of the modern era, where everything has worse effects of chemicals, either on the body or in the hair, if you get something new, what will you do? With the revolutionary chemical-free smoothing sheet, we are promising you a shiny, frizz-free hair that makes you decide instantly without even thinking. Yes, there must be many questions in your mind regarding this treatment and we will be trying to resolve some of them to help you in getting some facts about the smoothing treatment.

How does our Keratin Treatment process take place?

You may have heard many saloons that are giving you the treatment but what makes us different is our pre and post-treatment processing. As you know that a Keratin smoothing treatment helps to seal the hair cuticle with protein coating to eliminate fizz by adding softness and shine to the hair, to make the entire process beneficial to you, we take a high-quality technology and products, which are, of course, chemical-free. At first, we recommend some shampoos and other hair products suitable for you before starting the treatment. Then, depending on the type, growth, and length, we take 1 to 3 hour for the treatment. We also look after whether your hair is thoroughly shampooed and conditioned well and then ensure the full advantages of the treatment on your hair. Then we split the hair into four sections evenly and start applying Keratin products from root till the end by combing. Then we start rough dry the hair approx 70%, and the entire procedure again takes place. After this phase, we start creating sections again and with the help of flat iron, we iron with 3-8 passes of the hair. This last phase depends upon how much the client wants his/her hair to be straight. Once the treatment gets over, we also recommend regular spa after an interval of 1-2 months to endure your hair is fine and Keratin treatment is working properly on it.

Is there any damage caused by the treatment

If you are thinking that applying the treatment on your hair will make it rougher or create havoc on it, then you are entirely wrong. This is because if you do this by professional hands and also genuine chemical-free products, it will give extra nourishment to your hair. You must have heard that ironing on hair may cause damages but when it comes to Keratin treatment, we totally ensure that it won't harm your hair at all. This is because we apply it on hair to seal the products on your hair and all our professional stylists evaluate it by your style and look. We thus, ensure entirely that you do not need to afraid of any hair damage by getting this treatment. With all sorts of highly advanced procedures and phenomenon, we have become the best keratin straightening treatment providers among all our clients.

The shelf life of the treatment

The life of the treatment will last for about 6-8 months, depending upon the nature of your hair and how you are taking care of that. As we apply professional products with expert hands, we can assure this best professional keratin treatment to last not less than 6 months. Moreover, if you regularly take spa within an interval of 1-2 month, you can extend its benefits for more.