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lash lift Service Hoschton

There always arises a question "what is a lash lift?" Well here is a little description of what a lash lift is, the advantages and disadvantages of getting the treatment done and how long it lasts for.

Does wearing mascara consume lots of time? For getting wider looking eyes and naturally extended lashes with zero maintenance involved? This treatment provides an amazing alternative to eyelash extensions, curlers and false lashes and you will not have to worry about after care and maintenance.

How does it work?

The treatments is a three steps process and take approximately an hour from start to finish

The first step includes lifting each individual lash with precision onto a curved silicone pad and holding them in place with water soluble glue, for this we apply perming solution to the root of the lashes ONLY! This will make sure that the will only curl from the base of the lashes which will help to have an amazing curve and lift.

We use Elleebana One Shot Lash Lift System for optimum results!- best part about this is that they are also an Australian Owned Company

The next step starts with a lash tint to enhance the color. Please be very careful when you are choosing the best salon to do your lash lift. A lash lift is a chemical process! Some salon will rush you in and out in 20 minutes which will cause the lift not to be fulfilled to the best. Some salons may apply extra perming solution to your whole lashes which in turn will cause them to roll back into the eyelid and/or cause breakage to the natural lash.

Here at Red Rose Salon we allow up to an hour for all Lash Lift Treatments (best lash lift and tint in hoschton,GA) and do work with full professionalism. Lash lifts last between 6 and 8 weeks and sometime depends upon your natural lash cycle.