Spray Tanning Services

Spray Tanning

Skin cancer threats are increasing day by day, which has lead people avoiding usage of than getting pre-tan before leaving for a holiday, the reason being that the people now appreciate that these can be dangerous for their skin. Tanning beds not only increase the skin cancer development risks, but also can make one look older. So, looking a little tanner is of no point when you can have such risks.

What is Spray tanning? Is Spray tanning useful as an alternate? Is it safe in those terms? People think that it is though and it is the far better choice for looking great in a bikini.

Spray tanning is the first choice for people want to ‘pre-tan’ before a holiday. It does not exactly has the same effect as a sunning bed (in that you’re not ‘picking up a tan’ to prepare you for the sun) but it actually means that you don’t need to bare the pain and risks of what walking around on the beach for looking pale – and if you’re self-conscious about that sort of thing then it makes sense to try to avoid it.

Spray tanning is a process of spraying a very fine mist of fake tan onto your skin. It is probably better than rubbing on fake tan for many reasons. Most important is the application, means that it will not fade or run. Often, normal tans do look rather streaky, or shows clear edges where the application wasn’t even. Spray tan helps you get rid all of those problems.

Spray tan contains an ingredient known as Dihydroxyacetone, which interacts with your skin to make it bronze. This gives you a nice and smooth effect which lasts upto three to seven days before you need to top it back up. The bronzing effect may not provide you any extra defense against the harmful sun’s rays, but it will rather give you a nice looking tan that will not run as easily as normal fake tan.

This can be applied on the whole body and it can be done in no time with the help of a professional spray device in a beauty salon. You have to stand in a booth and wait for a customized spray tan color made for you. We use a handheld professional sprayer.

It can be applied using a bottled solution, which may not be the best way, but it still looks better than a regular tan, which may likely go wrong and leave you with some areas that could be slightly darker or patchy.

Spray tan is altogether the best of the self tanning options, but there are still many reasons why people might prefer the natural look. Clients are advised to wait a minimum or 8 hours to shower. The longer you can wait the more the bronzer it will develop. We use the highest quality solution, Norvell, as seen on Dancing with the Stars.